Digital Convergence

Digital Convergence streamlines the way in which we incorporate digital technologies in our every day lives.   We are no longer living in an era where digital technologies work independently. Digital technologies have the ability to work together in unison on a single device to save us time and simplify life (CCM. 2016).

When is comes to education the rise of digital convergence brings with it both opportunities and challenges to educators.   The main force behind digital convergence is the Internet. This technology provides access to an extensive range of devices and programs and the ability to integrate them simultaneously on multiple devices, such as computers, smart phones, tablets and electronic whiteboards (Core Education. n.d.).   Within a classroom setting the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) is enhanced by digital convergence. It increases the possibilities for interaction and collaboration between teachers and students (Serrano-Santoyo and Cabrera-Flores, 2014, p.30).

Miami Dade County Public School is one such school that has come forward to show the positive effects that digital convergence has had on their school and their student’s education.   Through the integration of digital technologies within their classrooms, teachers found that students were more collaborative and their engagement and motivation in classroom activities and learning increased. They also found that like Howell, J. (2012), digital pedagogy within their school is becoming more co-collaborated and a more student led discovery based learning environment.

I believe that digital convergence is the way of the future within schools and digitally integrated programs, like the ones at Miami Dade County Public school, and other programs such as Google Apps for Education help to provide better communication and collaboration amongst teachers and student. Ultimately, digital convergence provides us with opportunities to engage with others and with our surroundings in ways that have not previously been thought of.



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